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Consultancy Services

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Drawing on over 20 years of qualified experience in the construction and engineering sector, including the last 16 years directly to industry, we understand project lifecycles, and can be your whole-life advisor.


As specialists in project management, we understand what makes and breaks projects. We can support you in navigating your contracts, whether you receive, deliver or advise on project outcomes. 


With 10 years of in-house experience, we know how to help your business to protect itself, to deploy a managed risk strategy and grow by making law work for you.



​There are many interlocking pieces to a project and we have experience in all these areas: 







In addition, we have extensive experience in advising business units whose work cuts across projects:


  • Contract structures, negotiation, drafting and renewal of terms (including AI);

  • Project controls and planning;

  • Risk management; 

  • Governance and compliance;

  • Contract and commercial management;

  • Dispute resolution (including adjudication, litigation and arbitration).  


We strive to support you to get projects off to a great start: we can support bid-writing and tender review. We regularly map project requirements to contract terms and stress-test them.


We can write due diligence reports on construction matters for property and corporate transactions, IPO, M&A etc.


We have experience in interfacing with insurers and brokers in relation to both placement and claims, and in commercial insurance programmes, particularly Professional Indemnity. 


We maintain excellent technical contacts across industry, and can draw upon reliable expertise.


We ensure that clients feel supported, and can access advice flexibly in a time - and cost - effective way.  

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Contact us with enquiries and to discuss your business needs. 

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"[The work you did for us was] Spot on and pitched perfectly at the levels we need"


CEO, Highways Contractor

Thank you for helping to get the tender secured. We are absolutely ecstatic... this represents a signifiant increase in future workload [with a new client, £100m over 10 years].

Project Director, Specialist Sub-Contractor

Legal contract process can be frustrating... you are the sole voice of sanity in this project!

Commercial Director,
Engineering Contractor

As a result of the legal risk analysis and advice and the intense training session, we now understand the JCT D&B processes, what we have to do, and when. Most importantly, we are aware of trip hazards to avoid, and how to give ourselves the best chance as a team of making the contract a success!

Project Director, top 5 UK Contractor

Your PPC advice and the accompanying training day was brilliant for my team. You are very knowledgeable and explained the mechanisms and timings in a way which we readily understood, and can apply on the ground.

The drafting was spot on.

Commercial Director, Engineering Sub-Contractor

Freelance Project Manager, Construction

Many thanks for your words of wisdom. Sounds like I have the right person for the job. Your assessment of the personality types is spot on.. This is a stressful situation...Your strategy is sound - it has worked miracles so far...As always, thank you! 

Procurement Director, Infrastructure Contractor

The note you did is brilliant, by the way – I love the way you think!

Quite simply, for all of our private dispute and best practice measures, you are my preferred service provider directly.

Head of PMO, Technology Infrastructure End Client

Many thanks for your very comprehensive response to our programme challenges and requirements. You successfully demonstrated exactly the right skills and approach that we think we will need in order to help us make our [NEC3 project portfolio] programme a fantastic success.

Commercial Director,
Railways Contractor

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