Training Services


We design and deliver bespoke, dynamic training for construction and engineering industry clients. Our workshops are grounded in law but have a practical and purposive focus. 


We aim to equip delegates with detailed knowledge and skills, which will enable them to make law work for their organisation, whatever their experience and core expertise.


We achieve this by designing round-table sessions on focussed topics and aligning the material to the organisation's business objectives and values. 


We create training material that is content-rich and based on experience. 


We deliver our workshops with energy and enthusiasm.

We draw on our field experience: all-parties workshops are highly recommended before a project gets underway in earnest. They provide valuable insight into the mechanisms of contract operation, management and administration, they are perfect for clarifying corporate expectations and they enable individuals to meet their counterparts and work together on identified areas of challenge. 


We are retained by leading training providers to design interactive cross-functional and cross-discipline workshops for law firms and industry professionals and senior executives.


We mentor: we focus on equipping students, whether majoring in law, or in technical subjects, with knowledge and skills about the practical operation of law, so that they can start internships or graduate placements with the ability and confidence to contribute meaningfully to the organisation from day 1. 


We collaborate with global professional associations to educate and improve the skills of project managers, whether managing internal or external projects. 


We listen: we love the challenge of designing a workshop just for you!

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You can also find Sarah on expert-matching website Prime Dispute - Accredited as MPD, for training and consultancy.  

Training Workshops and Learn Live

Interactive, energetic and practical: where law meets commercial practice.

All the Training Workshops and Learn Live listed in the calendar below can be booked through MBL Seminars Limited (in partnership since 2014). We offer:

Face-to-Face - Seminar

Virtual/Online - Learn Live

On-demand - Webinar


We also offer all courses by private commission.







Construction Insurance

Best MBL course I have attended to date, Sarah was a cut above others I have heard.

Excellent speaker, clear and informative.

Very clear, well-paced course.

Construction Insurance

Very engaging, commercial, savvy style.

Great speaking tone and good with questions.

Very happy to deal with individual questions.

Construction Insurance

Great speaker: interesting, engaging, knowledgeable.

Perfect balance of know-how / theory with commercial, practical advice.

Excellent presentation, very clear and easy to understand!

"Simply another great workshop from Sarah"


Professional Indemnity Insurance

Sarah has a fantastic legal and insurance knowledge and was happy to answer my questions.

Excellent, comprehensive, detailed and clear course and speaker.

Great! Thank you! Very knowledgeable and has practical/ real life experience! 


Another great course delivered by Sarah - thank you! 

The round table format where discussion amongst peers is far better than the lecture format. I would advocate MBL adopting the style utilised by Sarah in all of the training.

Well pitched with useful discussion break out sessions.

Advanced Disputes

This was really interesting and there were some surprisingly diverse topics covered.

We will have to reappraise how we do this when I get back to the office.

Good speaker with good illustrations!


Excellent presentation on NEC3. I will look out for future courses by Sarah Schütte.

Sarah led the seminar expertly.

Best NEC3 course I have been on in many attempts.

Absolutely no complaints: Sarah was a great speaker and easy to listen to.


Very good course, very well presented.

Excellent speaker... would be keen on further courses run by Sarah.

Very detailed and systematic run-through of key clauses and their practical application.

Clearly very knowledgeable, good use of real life situation to add to context.


Sarah is very knowledgeable and practical.

Good practical examples. Very knowledgeable. 

Great case studies!

Excellent presentation, very clear and easy to understand!

Very enthusiastic, open to questions and engaging!


Very clear, concise and passionate.

Great speaker. Thank you!

Very good - Sarah explains the law in terms of key changes to NEC4.


Very knowledgeable and great public speaker.

Very clear and helpful... well-tailored to [our law firm]"

Very good: Sarah explains the why to the how!


Well-structured programme, great rapport with group.

Discussion of "nitty gritty" elements of the course was very welcome as were practical work throughs - micro level very good for this topic.

Good breadth of experience.