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We are delighted to have won several industry awards for excellence (PS we don't sponsor or solicit...)

Our hashtags

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Introducing #SCLGlobal

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Do you do business where we do business? 

SCL has key clients and contacts and developing business in Europe, North America and Asia... and we are looking to collaborate further.

Contact us if you are go-getting and want to explore opportunities to benefit from both our networks! 


SVP contactez-nous si vous souhaitez en savoir plus! 

Por favor ponga se en contacto con nosostros por mas infórmacion! 

Bitte fragen Sie uns nach mehr Information! 

Music Class

Introducing #SCLatSW11

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SCL is headquartered between the Commons in SW11, Battersea.

Sarah is very proud to live and work in such a vibrant community. We love SW11 so much that we have created “SCLatSW11”, so we can cherish our neighbourhood clients and offer them exclusive terms of business. Our hashtag is #SCLatSW11. We want to stimulate discussion about local expertise and raise awareness of how B2B collaboration can help to grow our micro-economy here in South West London. We are also advocates of the #supportlocal hashtag, as we have lovely clients in other SW neighbourhoods too.

Supporting Honeywell Schools

Since 2015 we have donated to our local school by pledging £1 for every seasonal greeting we receive from readers of our annual Christmas newsletter... We have donated over £400!

Please contact us for more information, or to arrange a meeting. We are passionate about supporting local businesses. You are only a short step away!

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