Consultancy Services

Sarah can be your "whole-life advisor", supporting you to protect and grow your organisation by making law work for you in your projects:


  • Contract negotiation;

  • Claims, disputes and emerging issues;

  • Adjudication, ADR, litigation and arbitration;

  • Project controls: planning, programming, portfolio management

  • Risk management and compliance;

  • Corporate and contract strategy, PMO and governance;

  • Corporate and project ethics;

  • Commercial insurance programmes;

  • Bids and tenders;

  • Organisational infrastructure, systems and processes;

  • Contracting structures;

  • Property and corporate transactions;

  • Standard suites of documents;

  • Handover, commissioning and maintenance regimes;

  • Contract management; 

  • Contract automation / AI processes and protocols; and

  • Facilities management (FM).


Sarah is experienced in interfacing with insurers/ brokers in relation to both placement and claims. She has particular experience in the Professional Indemnity field. 


Sarah has excellent contacts across the industry, and can draw upon reliable expertise in forensics, planning/ programming and quantum, as well as specific technical disciplines, to support the organisations she is working with and enrich the quality and effectiveness of the desired output.


Sarah's approach is based on over a decade of direct industry experience. She can operate cross-functionally and at all levels of an organisation. She is sensitive to business values and objectives, and to individual interests and needs. 


She ensures that clients feel supported at all times, and enables them to retain her flexibly and in a time- and cost- effective way.  



Training Services


Sarah designs and delivers bespoke, dynamic training for industry clients, which is grounded in law but has a practical and purposive focus. She aims to equip delegates with detailed knowledge and skills, which will enable them to make law work for their organisation, whatever their experience and core expertise.


Sarah achieves this by designing round-table sessions on focussed topics and aligning the material to the organisation's business objectives and values. 


Training material is content-rich and based on experience, and Sarah delivers it with energy and enthusiasm.

All-parties workshops are highly recommended before a project gets underway in earnest. They provide valuable insight into the mechanisms of contract operation and administration, they are perfect for clarifying corporate expectations and they enable individuals to meet their counterparts and work together on problem-solving. 


Sarah is also retained by leading training providers to design interactive cross-functional and cross-discipline workshops for law firms and industry professionals and senior executives. Workshops take place all over the UK. 

Mentoring focusses on equipping students, whether majoring in law, or in technical subjects, with knowledge and skills about the practical operation of law, so that they can start internships or graduate placements with the ability and confidence to contribute meaningfully to the organisation from day 1. 


One of Sarah's current projects extra-UK is to design and deliver bespoke training for international private clients and global professional associations, the roll-out of which started during 2016. 


Our Schedule of Training Topics (a list of SCL's most popular workshops) is available on request, but Sarah will happily design a workshop on any topic within her recognised expertise. 

Want more information?

Feel free to request the Consultancy Services e-brochure, the Training Services e-brochure and/ or the Schedule of Training Topics via the Contact page, or call Sarah direct to discuss your business needs. 






Client recommendations

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The quotations below are unsolicited client comments, and are anonymised for confidentiality. 

"Quite simply, for all for all private dispute and best practice measures, you are my preferred service provider directly" 

The note you did is brilliant, by the way – I love the way you think!

"Many thanks for your words of wisdom. Sounds like I have the right person for the job. Your assessment of the personality types is spot on.. This is a stressful situation...Your strategy is sound - it has worked miracles so far...As always, thank you! "

"The drafting was spot on." 

Legal contract process can be frustrating... you are the sole voice of sanity in this project!

Many thanks for your very comprehensive response to our programme challenges and requirements. You successfully demonstrated exactly the right skills and approach that we think we will need in order to help us make our [NEC3 project portfolio] programme a fantastic success

Thank you for helping to get the tender secured. We are absolutely ecstatic... this represents a signifiant increase in future workload [with a new client, £100m over 10 years]. 

[Your training workshop outline was] Spot on and pitched perfectly at the levels we need

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Training Workshops and Learn Live
All the courses listed below are made in partnership with MBL and are online "Learn Live" due to COVID-19.
Face to face workshops, and online workshops, are also available by private commission (contact us
Interactive, energetic and practical: where law meets commercial practice 


Read honest feedback from recent delegates on our Training Testimonials Wall below.

SCL + MBL in partnership since 2014. 

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All times are UK.


An Introduction to Construction Insurance

(1 CPD hour)

Thursday 10 December 11am - 12pm 


Housing Grants Act - A Guide to Payment Notices in Construction Contracts  *NOW EXPANDED TO A HALF DAY WORKSHOP*

(3 CPD hours)

Friday 15 January (1pm - 4pm)



Collateral Warranties Uncovered 

(1 CPD hour)

Tuesday 2 February 1.30pm - 2.30pm

Online Construction Conference *NEW*

(5 CPD hours)

Thursday 11 February 10am - 4.15pm 

MARCH 2021

Construction Contracts - Mapping a way though Payment Notices 

(2 CPD hours)

Tuesday 9 March 10.15am - 12.15pm

NEC4 Advanced *NEW FOR 2021*

(2 CPD hours)

Wednesday 24 March (10.15am - 12.15pm)

APRIL 2021

Construction Disputes - An Advanced Guide to Avoidance, Management & Resolution

(6 CPD hours)

Monday 26 April 9.30am - 12.30pm (Part 1)

Wednesday 28 April 9.30am - 12.30pm (Part 2)

MAY 2021

Advanced Aspects of NEC, JCT and PPC forms of contract

(6 CPD hours)

Friday 21 May 1.30pm - 4.30pm (Part 1)

Friday 18 May 1.30pm - 4.30pm (Part 2)

More Winter-Spring-Summer 2020-21 dates coming soon...

Plus: More *new* courses coming soon...

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Contact us for more information and if your preferred location is not listed, or the date is inconvenient!


Training Testimonials Feedback Wall: quotes from recent delegates

"Well pitched with useful discussion break out sessions" [NEC, JCT + PPC]

"Very clear, concise and passionate" [NEC4]

"Very good: Sarah explains the why to the how!" [NEC4]

"Very good - Sarah explains the law in terms of key changes to NEC4". [NEC4]

"Very knowledgeable and great public speaker." [NEC4]

"The round table format where discussion amongst peers is far better than the lecture format. I would advocate MBL adopting the style utilised by Sarah in all of the training" [NEC,JCT + PPC]

"Very clear and helpful... well-tailored to [our law firm]" [NEC3 (soon to be NEC4)]

"Another great course delivered by Sarah - thank you!  [NEC, JCT + PPC]

"This was really interesting and there were some surprisingly diverse topics covered”" [Advanced disputes]

"“We will have to reappraise how we do this when I get back to the office” [Advanced Disputes]

"Sarah has a fantastic legal and insurance knowledge and was happy to answer my questions" [Professional Indemnity Insurance]

"Perfect balance of know-how / theory with commercial, practical advice" [construction insurance]

"Clearly very knowledgeable, good use of real life situation to add to context" [NEC3]

"Very happy to deal with individual questions

[construction insurance]

"Very engaging, commercial, savvy style

[construction insurance]

Excellent, comprehensive, detailed and clear course and speaker" [Professional Indemnity Insurance]

"Best NEC3 course I have been on in many attempts."

"Sarah is very knowledgeable and practical" [NEC3]

"Excellent presentation on NEC3. I will look out for future courses by Sarah Schütte."

Great! Thank you! Very knowledgeable and has practical/ real life experience! [construction insurance]

"Great speaking tone and good with questions"  [construction insurance]

"Very clear and helpful... well-tailored to [our law firm]" [NEC3 (soon to be NEC4)]

"Very enthusiastic, open to questions and engaging!" [NEC 3 into NEC4]

"Excellent speaker... would be keen on further courses run by Sarah" [NEC3 into NEC4]

"Great speaker. Thank you!" [NEC4]

"Absolutely no complaints: Sarah was a great speaker and easy to listen to." [NEC3]

"Clear, concise and knowledgeable.  [NEC4]

"Excellent speaker, clear and informative." [construction insurance]

"Well-structured programme, great rapport with group" [NEC3] 

"Excellent presentation, very clear and easy to understand!" [construction insurance]

"Very good course, very well presented." [NEC3]

"Sarah led the seminar expertly" [NEC3]

"Great speaker: Interesting, engaging, knowledgeable" [construction insurance]

"Best MBL course I have attended to date, Sarah was a cut above others I have heard." [construction insurance]

"Discussion of "nitty gritty" elements of the course was very welcome as were practical work throughs - micro level very good for this topic." [NEC3]

"Very clear, well-paced course" 

[construction insurance]

"Clear, concise, knowledgeable" [NEC3]

"Good breadth of experience" [NEC3]

"Good practical examples. Very knowledgeable. 

Great case studies!" [NEC3]

"Very detailed and systematic run-through of key clauses and their practical application" [NEC3]

"Good speaker with good illustrations!" [construction insurance] 

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