Supporting Honeywell Schools

Did you know that since 2015 we have donated to our local school by pledging £1 for every seasonal greeting we receive from readers of our annual Christmas newsletter?


Small and simple but effective!


By end of 2019, we had donated over £400!

SCL was a proud key sponsor of the Summer Fête 2016 on 25 June! What a magnificent day despite the odd rainshower. Check out @schutteconsult and @sarahschutte1 Twitter feeds to see live photos and commentary from the day!  

Introducing #SCLatSW11…

Schutte Consulting Limited is headquartered Between the Commons in SW11 Battersea. Sarah is very proud to live and work in such a vibrant community, bestowed with generous green spaces and only 10 minutes to central London (Waterloo and Victoria) by train from Clapham Junction.  


We love SW11 so much that we have created “SCLatSW11”, so we can cherish our neighbourhood clients and offer them exclusive terms of business. Our Twitter hashtag to trend this initiative is #SCLatSW11. We want to stimulate discussion about local expertise and raise awareness of how B2B collaboration can help to grow our micro-economy here in South West London. We are also advocates of the #supportlocal hashtag, as we have lovely clients in other SW neighbourhoods too. 

What #SCLatSW11 does…


As part of a community of thriving independent businesses, we are always honoured to work with those who have their headquarters close to home. We are very proud to provide legal consultancy, business and training services to organisations of all size and shape, who are local to the SW11 area. Existing clients include well-established family businesses and fledgling start ups.


We work hard to give exceptional service our local clients, and reciprocate by using their services and recommending them to others. As awareness of local business expertise and service offering grows, so B2B collaboration grows too. And this means more of the money spent locally stays in our community.   


Below here we describe some of the services we offer to local businesses. Whether you need help formalising your corporate framework or dealing with a commercial dispute, do get in touch for a chat over the phone. Unlike most lawyers, we do not charge for travel time, so it is just as easy for us to pop in and see you for a cuppa!



Starting Up


When you are in the initial stages of formulating exciting ideas for starting up a new business, it is important to get your corporate affairs properly set up at the outset, in order to avoid nasty surprises later down the line. We call this putting in place your "business infrastructure"


We can help you during this vital period to set up and implement the paperwork, processes and procedures that will give your business the best possible chance for growth and development, and minimise risk exposure at a time when your business is vulnerable.


Basics that we can help you establish are:


• A clear and manageable set of terms and conditions

• A sensible form of fee proposal or quotation

• Templates for cash flow and credit control

• Assistance with website content, and parameters for the use of social media 

• Precedent letters and templates for corporate and contractual arrangements

Brand Protection

A brand or logo is an extremely valuable part of any business, and should be considered an asset worth investing in protecting. 


It is sensible to take steps to shield your nascent brand, and not to infringe others’ rights accidentally. 


We can help you with typical issues associated with the development and protection of branding.


Corporate Risk Strategy

Management of risk is not just for big organisations. It is fundamentally important to organisations of every size. Every business is regulated to some extent, and the UK has the tightest compliance laws in the world. Make sure you don’t fall foul of them; it could be costly to your business reputation as well as denting your bank account. 


So, if you think you have:


  • an area of your business that needs some tightening up; 

  • a customer/ supplier issue that won’t go away; 

  • a reoccurring contractual niggle; 

  • an ongoing issue that could benefit from fresh thinking; 

  • a problem which requires independent intervention; 

  • an irregularity which demands attention;

  • been approached by a regulator or other official body;  



you think you could benefit from an outsider's perspective on your everyday procedures,


please contact us, as we can help.



Issues arise, it’s a fact of life! 


If you find yourself getting tetchy with a client or service provider, contact us for legal advice on steps you can take to resolve matters. Small issues can snowball disproportionately and we can help you to nip them in the bud. As a small family business, we understand the importance of resolving issues quickly and cost-effectively, and in the knowledge that to do so will allow you to preserve valuable relationships


We can also advise you on the more difficult situations which businesses sometimes face - when issues turn into disputes. We can support you in negotiation or in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), such as mediation


If you work in the construction industry, be aware that this is a delicate moment and either party becomes entitled by law to refer a construction dispute to a forum called adjudication for a swift decision. With our help, you can avoid this process. .


Further, whether you are on the “giving” or the “receiving" end of civil court proceedings, we have years of experience and expertise which you can draw on.


Nappy Valley Net 


Sarah has been recommended on South London’s local network forum, and contributes to discussions on construction and business topics under the name of “Legalconsultant”. With #SCLatSW11 up and running, her posting name will be changed, but you will still be able to find previous posts under the old name!  




Please contact us for more information, or to arrange a meeting or discussion. We are passionate about supporting local businesses. You are only a short step away - literally.  

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