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Industry Insight No. 15: "Project Brexit" and the construction industry

Regular followers will know that I write for Lexis®PSL Construction every month.

This month they asked me to write about how Brexit might affect the construction and engineering industry. A link to the article is below. The full text will appear here in the usual way (once I receive a PDF from them, hopefully tomorrow).

By happy coincidence the article was published the same day as a number of key Brexit-related pieces of news came out:

- Prime Minister Teresa May was reported to be sticking to the end date of "by 31 March" to trigger Article 50

- The House of Lords continues its terse debate of The Great Repeal Bill (the Act of Parliament that will annul the UK's membership of the European Union)

- First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, announces that she plans to hold a second referendum on independence.

The article has also been blogged and tweeted by the Lexis®PSL Construction team. Follow the discussion by following us via @schutteconsult and @sarahschutte1.

Read the article here:

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